State symbols Front and back endpapers

Governor's letter iii

Introduction iv

Biographies 1

Alphabetical index to biographies 2

Constitutional executive officers 4

Supreme court justices 8

Wisconsin members of the 111th Congress 11

Congressional district map 17

State senate officers 18

State assembly officers 19

Members of the state senate and assembly; district maps 20

Chief clerks and sergeants at arms of the state legislature 86

Legislative district maps 87

Feature Article: Wisconsin at the Frontiers of Astronomy
A History of Innovation and Exploration 99

Index to special articles in prior blue books 188

Capitol Visitor's Guide 189

Wisconsin Constitution 191

History of constitutional amendments 235

Statewide referenda elections 241

Framework of Wisconsin State Government 243

Location of state agencies in the Madison area; map 244

The Framework of Wisconsin Government 246

Organization chart of Wisconsin state government 250

Legislative Branch 253

Officers of the 2009 legislature 254

A profile of the legislative branch 255

The Wisconsin legislature 256

Session schedule, 2009-2010 260

News media correspondents accredited to the 2009 legislature 263

How a bill becomes a law 265

Legislative service 270

Executive vetoes, 1931-2007 sessions 271

Political composition of the Wisconsin legislature, 1885-2009 272

Wisconsin statutes, session laws, administrative code 273

Committees of the 2009 legislature 274

Personal data on Wisconsin legislators 1999-2009 sessions 278

Joint legislative committees 279

Administrative rules, joint committee for review of 279

Building commission, state of Wisconsin 280

Criminal penalties, joint review committee on 281

Employment relations, joint committee on 282

Finance, joint committee on 283

Information policy and technology, joint committee on 285

Legislative audit committee, joint 285

Legislative council, joint 286

Legislative organization, joint committee on 293

Retirement systems, joint survey committee on 295

State supported programs study and advisory committee, joint legislative 295

Tax exemptions, joint survey committee on 296

Transportation projects commission 296

Uniform state laws, commission on 297

Legislative service agencies 298

Legislative audit bureau 298

Legislative fiscal bureau 300

Legislative reference bureau 301

Legislative technology services bureau 304

Summary of significant 2007 legislation 306

Executive Branch 321

Constitutional executive state officers 322

A profile of the executive branch 323

Office of the governor 332

Governor's appointments to miscellaneous committees and organizations 336

Governor's special committees 337

State officers appointed by the governor as required by statute 349

Office of the lieutenant governor 366

Administration, department of 367

Agriculture, trade and consumer protection, department of 388

Children and families, department of 397

Commerce, department of 402

Corrections, department of 412

Educational communications board 421

Employee trust funds, department of 423

Employment relations commission 426

Financial institutions, department of 427

Government accountability board 432

Health services, department of 434

Higher educational aids board 442

Historical society of Wisconsin, state 443

Insurance, office of the commissioner of 449

Investment board, state of Wisconsin 452

Justice, department of 454

Military affairs, department of 460

Natural resources, department of 467

Public defender, office of the state 478

Public instruction, department of 480

Public service commission 488

Regulation and licensing, department of 491

Revenue, department of 498

Secretary of state, office of the 503

State treasurer, office of the 504

Technical college system 505

Tourism, department of 509

Transportation, department of 516

University of Wisconsin system 522

Veterans affairs, department of 537

Workforce development, department of 542

State authorities 550

Aerospace, Fox River navigational, Health insurance risk-sharing plan,
Lower Fox River remediation, University of Wisconsin hospitals and clinics,
Health and educational facilities, Housing and economic development,
World dairy center 550

Nonprofit corporations 557

Bradley center sports and entertainment corporation, Wisconsin artistic
endowment foundation, Wisconsin technology council 557

Regional agencies 559

Regional planning commissions 559

Madison cultural arts district board 563

Regional transit authority 563

Southeast Wisconsin professional baseball park district 564

Professional football stadium district 564

Wisconsin center district 565

Interstate agencies and compacts 566

Judicial Branch 577

Justices of the Wisconsin supreme court 578

A profile of the judicial branch 579

Supreme court 583

Court of appeals 585

Circuit courts 587

Municipal courts 594

Statewide judicial agencies 595

Director of state courts 595

State law library 595

Office of lawyer regulation 596

Board of bar examiners 599

Judicial conduct advisory committee 600

Judicial conference 600

Judicial education committee 601

Planning and policy advisory committee 601

Judicial commission 602

Judicial council 603

State bar of Wisconsin 605

Summary of significant decisions of the supreme court and
court of appeals of Wisconsin, July 2007 – June 2009 606

Statistical Information on Wisconsin 621

State document depository libraries 622

Agriculture 623

Number, size, and value of farms, Wisconsin 624

Cash receipts and income 626

Wisconsin's rank among the states 627

Number, size, and acreage of farms 628

Wisconsin farm operators, by county 630

Agricultural land sales, by county 631

Farm income, assets, and debt 632

Associations, statewide, of Wisconsin 633

Commerce and industry 648

Energy, petroleum, and gasoline consumption 649

Motor vehicle fuel tax, Wisconsin 650

Value added by manufacturing 651

Wisconsin exports 652

Basic data on Wisconsin corporations 653

Financial institutions in Wisconsin 653

Conservation and recreation 656

Fish and game 657

State parks, forests, and trails: location, features, size, attendance 658

Natural resources department, funding sources, expenditures 662

Conservation and recreation land acquisitions 664

Education 666

Higher education enrollments 667

Diplomas and earned degrees, by state 672

School districts 673

Enrollment, completion rates 674

Public school teacher salaries 677

Educational costs 678

Home-based and charter enrollments 682

Public library systems 683

Employment and income 684

Employment in Wisconsin 685

Wisconsin business establishments, by number of employees 687

Employees in nonagricultural establishments, by state 688

Unemployment insurance benefits, by state 690

Earned income, by industry 692

Personal income 694

Geography and climate 695

Wisconsin's lakes and land area 695

High points in Wisconsin 697

Wisconsin temperature, precipitation 698

History 699

Significant events in Wisconsin history 700

Famous citizens of Wisconsin 711

Historic sites and historical markers 715

Wisconsin vote in presidential elections, 1848-2008 722

Vote for governor, general elections, 1848-2006 725

Wisconsin constitutional officers, 1848-2009 728

Justices of the Wisconsin supreme court, 1836-2009 732

Legislative officers, 1848-2009 734

Wisconsin legislative sessions, 1848-2007 739

Members of the U.S. Congress from Wisconsin, 1848-2009 743

Local and state government 747

State and local government employment and payrolls 747

State and local government employees, number and earnings 749

Local units of government by state and type 750

Wisconsin counties, basic data and officers 751

Wisconsin municipalities 757

Military and veterans affairs 783

Wisconsin's military service 784

Veterans' benefits, 1943-2008 784

Wisconsin national guard units 786

Wisconsin veterans homes membership, 1888-2008 788

Federal expenditures for veterans 789

News media 790

Wisconsin newspapers, periodicals 790

Broadcasting stations in Wisconsin: television, radio 802

Population and vital statistics 805

Wisconsin population statistics 806

Wisconsin vital statistics: births, deaths, marriages, divorces 814

Post offices 818

Social services 824

Public welfare expenditures 825

Medical assistance in Wisconsin 829

Prison and mental institution population and correctional expenditures 830

State and local finance 832

State government revenues, expenditures 833

Per capita state and local revenue, expenditures 843

Federal tax collections, by state 845

Distribution of federal funds, by state 846

Federal aids to Wisconsin 848

State and local public debt 849

Property tax assessments, rates and levies 851

Transportation 854

Wisconsin airports, usage and type 854

Railroad mileage, usage and revenue, 1920-2008 855

Highway and road mileage 856

Motor vehicles 857

Transit systems 861

Harbor commerce 862

Wisconsin Political Parties 863

Political party organization in Wisconsin 864

Party officers and platforms: Democratic, Green, Libertarian, Republican 867

Elections in Wisconsin 883

Elections in Wisconsin 884

Constitutional amendment 892

Supreme court justice 893

Court of appeals judges 895

Circuit court judges 897

Superintendent of public instruction 900

Members of 111th Congress, vote by district 902

State senators, vote by county and district 908

Representatives to the assembly, vote by county and district 912

Presidential preference vote, by county 926

National convention delegates 930

President and vice president, vote by county 932

President and vice president, vote by ward 933

Wisconsin State Symbols 961

Alphabetical Index 967