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Listen to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing Listen to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee Hearing (Archive)
Thursday, October 15, 2015
9:00 AM
417 North
State Capitol
Madison, Wisconsin
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Audit Follow-Up

Some audit reports include recommendations for agencies to report to the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on actions they have taken to address specific issues we have identified. Audit follow-up is posted here following its receipt by the Committee.

To view the audit follow-up, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader which is available as a free download.

If you need help opening a report file, please contact the Webmaster at or by calling (608) 266-2818.

Audit Report Follow-up Date By Agency*
Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan (15-7) 10/15/2015 Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (15-4) 12/1/2015 Department of Health Services
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (15-3) 2/1/2016 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
8/1/2016 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
University of Wisconsin System (15-1) 10/30/2015 UW System Administration
6/30/2015 UW System Administration
Initial Claims Processing for Unemployment Insurance (14-15) 3/16/2015 Department of Workforce Development
Government Accountability Board (14-14) 4/15/2015 Government Accountability Board
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (14-11) 1/15/2015 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
State of Wisconsin Investment Board (14-9) 12/31/2014 State of Wisconsin Investment Board
3/31/2015 State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Energy Assistance and Weatherization Assistance Programs (14-8) 11/14/2014 Department of Administration
Oversight of the Human Resource System and Payroll and Benefits Processing (14-4) 7/1/2014 UW System Administration
University of Wisconsin System (14-3) 7/1/2014 UW System Administration
Child-Placing Agencies (13-15) 3/4/2014 Department of Children and Families
Supervised Release Placements and Expenditures (13-12) 4/1/2014 Department of Health Services
Wisconsin Lottery (13-11) 3/3/2014 Revenue
Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (13-7) 7/15/2013 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
10/1/2013 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
UW System's Role in WiscNet and Grant-Funded Networks (12-18) 7/1/2013 UW System Administration
10/1/2013 UW System Administration
State Economic Development Programs (12-11) 10/15/2012 Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation,
Wisconsin Technical College System
FoodShare Wisconsin (12-8) 12/3/2012 Health Services
FoodShare Benefits Spent Outside of Wisconsin (12-3) 8/1/2012 Health Services
Medical Assistance Program (11-15) 1/14/2013 Health Services
7/2/2012 Health Services
Focus on Energy (11-13) 7/12/2012 Public Service Commission
Contract Sunshine Act (11-11) 1/17/2012 Administration
Educational Programs for Working Adults 11/1/2011 Workforce Development
Wisconsin Technical College System
Wisconsin Lottery (11-6) 11/11/2011 Revenue
BadgerCare Plus Basic 9/1/2011 Health Services
Family Care (11-5) 8/31/2012 Health Services
9/1/2011 Health Services
Construction and Inspection of Asphalt State Highways 1/13/2012 Transportation
Wisconsin Veterans Homes (11-3) 7/1/2011 Veterans Affairs
State of Wisconsin Investment Board (10-14) 5/31/2011 State of Wisconsin Investment Board
Justice Gateway Information System 1/31/2011 Office of Justice Assistance
Rate Setting at the Wisconsin Veterans Homes 1/24/2011 Veterans Affairs
Veterans Affairs
State Fair Park (10-10) 3/1/2011 State Fair Park
*An agency’s audit follow-up report is linked to this page after it is received by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.
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